In high school and college I've had a total of 2 years of economics education that I found not interesting.

First encounter

In 2015 I read a book about bitcoin, "Start investing in bitcoin today" by Janne M. Lohvensuu. The focus was on investing and only a very small part was about money. After finishing the book, I wanted to install a bitcoin wallet to try and buy some, but found it too risky. The wallets didn't look genuine and I found it difficult to verify if it was real or a fraud. I still didn't understood anything about bitcoin (or money).


Two years later, I got interested in bitcoin again, but also in altcoins. My believe was that any altcoin could be the next big thing. I spend time comparing altcoins such as monero, neo, xrp and a lot more. I decided to buy a few satoshis and a couple of altcoins. To save the altcoins I needed a wallet so I installed different desktop and mobile wallets. This was also a period that I focused a lot on the price of cryptocurrencies.


Sometimes I tried to convert an altcoin with ShapeShift and it would fail, because I entered something wrong, and I would lose the funds. One official mobile wallet didn't work anymore where I had funds stored in. I couldn't do a backup and there was no update. After a few years I opened up another altcoin desktop wallet and the funds were gone.

The Bitcoin Standard

When The Bitcoin Standard came out, I was intrigued and decided to buy a copy. After I read it, I had learned new lessons in economics: what money is, how mainstream economics works, what austrian economics is and how bitcoin fits in all of this. This was the first time that I saw how important money was and how it is controlled/forced on by the government. This was also my introduction to stock-to-flow ratio. It gave me a lot of motivation to continue.

From that moment on I decided to focus on bitcoin only. First I only followed Saifedean Ammous via Twitter and slowly I started following other people, people that he mentioned, retweeted or had a conversation with.

Stephan Livera's podcast

I started to read more bitcoin related articles, but also a lot of articles about money and economics. I read a lot of tweets/threads/conversations and beginning 2019 I started to listen to Stephan Livera's podcast. There were so many aha and eye opening moments listening to his episodes.


I started to discuss economics and bitcoin with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. I noticed that everyone I talked to, except for a few, was very sceptical, didn't think much of it, found it mostly too risky, was not interested in bitcoin at all or were questioning bitcoin because of altcoins. Everyone I talked to had all their information from the media. No one I met actually spend some time to understand what Bitcoin is.

Later I realized 2 things:

That is when I decided to start a 1-page site for new comers to have easy onboarding to bitcoin. I still need to learn a lot more about (austrian) economics and bitcoin. This tweet sums up my experience so far. I hope, after visiting this site, you gained a better understanding of money, economics and/or bitcoin.