How can I start receiving Bitcoins?

Bitcoin-only Wallets

All the wallets below are open source, meaning you can view and request changes to the code.

If you're planning on buying on a regular basis or buying a larger amount, than it's recommended to use a hardware wallet.

How can I buy Bitcoin?

Buy an insignificant amount of Bitcoin to play with:

Buy Bitcoins at a Bitcoin ATM that doesn't require your personal data. Depending on the country/city a Bitcoin ATM doesn't require any personal data. You can search for a Bitcoin ATM in your city. Watch how to buy Bitcoins anonymously at a Bitcoin ATM.

If you want to buy more, consider determining a buy strategy like e.g. Dollar Cost Averaging Into Bitcoin; buying on a regular interval, regardless of the Bitcoin price.

Don't use an exchange to buy Bitcoin

An exchange is an online platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins and altcoins (any cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) for cash.

You can store your bought cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Examples of some exchanges are Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex.

Operate under the assumption that any funds held on exchanges can be lost without notice. Account seizures, hacks, insolvency, government action, and exit scams have all happened before and will happen again.

Not your keys, not your coins.
Not your node, not your rules.

There are lots of reasons not to use an exchange:

If you have Bitcoins on an exchange, it is highly recommended to send them to your own Bitcoin wallet.