learningbtc.com is about getting you up to speed with understanding money, austrian economics and how bitcoin applies.

What can bitcoin do for me?

Save for the future

Bitcoin can change the way you think about money, economics and how to deal with the future.

The two most scarce assets are bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin is programmed to increase in scarcity over time. Around the year 2028 it will be more scarce than gold.

Because bitcoin increases in value over time, and paper money does the opposite, you can start saving for the future. In short, it is a better money.

Instead of consuming, you would think twice before spending your bitcoin.


You can receive bitcoin in a bitcoin wallet, just like you can receive money in an online banking account. The difference is if you have bitcoins in a Bitcoin wallet (on your phone, or device), they are yours. The money in your banking account isn't yours if the bank can deny you access.

With a bitcoin wallet you are your own bank. Nobody, no government, (central) bank, VISA, PayPal or other trusted third party can confiscate your wallet or stop you from sending/receiving Bitcoin.

What can bitcoin do for others?

View "Universal Access to Basic Finance" by Andreas M:Antonopoulos 22 min. video

I want to understand bitcoin. Where do I start?

Start by understanding money and (Austrian) economics first and bitcoin second.

If you want a shorter introduction, listen to the podcast Bitcoin In One Lesson on the What Bitcoin Did podcast. It's a summary of 17 episodes from The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin series summarized into 1 episode.

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a multifaceted cross-disciplinary system that is difficult to understand. It takes time to understand the economics and technology behind it. That is something that doesn't happen overnight. It's reinforced and strengthened over time by listening to smart people in the space giving different perspectives.

In it's essence, it's about empowering the individual.

When you have a better understanding of what money is and bitcoin is and what it can and could accomplish, then you can decide if you want to store value in it


Watch out for scams

When you're looking for information regarding bitcoin, downloading a mobile/desktop app or buying a hardware wallet, always assume it can be a scam. Verify first.

The site bitcoin.com would many new comers have believe is for bitcoin, but it is for bitcoin cash, a copy of bitcoin with a different set of rules. The site bitcoin.org is for bitcoin.

Please don't trust me. I'm merely a tool in your own quest for knowledge.

My aim is to help you but I demand you do your own due diligence.

Read. Read a lot. Discuss & argue. Test your ideas on others. Understand what you're investing in. Please.

Twitter is a great place to follow a lot of interesting people. Here is a small list of trusted people in the bitcoin space. Create a Twitter account and see who you'd like to follow on Twitter:

You don't have to post anything, you can also just read Twitter posts. At Hive.one you can also find a list of trusted people to follow.

Trusted third parties can't be trusted

Third parties can't be trusted.

How can I buy and receive bitcoins?

Beginners guide to buying & receiving bitcoins.